We are extraordinarily grateful to these featured artists and the many others who have trusted us with their projects.  It is an honor to be invited into their creative circle and be part of their team.  We strive to repay that trust by delivering amazing results and exceptional personalized service.

This is not a factory environment.  We are dedicated to serving each artist's specific needs.  Our target is independent labels and artists who want major results on an indie budget with free added features that meet their needs. 

We would love the opportunity to know you and  work with your unique project. 


"Nous avons été très ravis de travailler avec Doug sur le mastering de l'album Alleluia . Ses qualités humaines, sa disponibilité et son professionnalisme ont été vraiment remarquables. Malgré les nombreux kilomètres qui nous séparent, nous avons noté une véritable proximité dans nos échanges et ce souci d'etre fidèle à notre musique africaine. Grand Bravo pour le travail accompli."

Serge et Constance Aman

Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

"Doug is our secret weapon, the last line of defense before our work goes public.  I trust his ear completely and cannot imagine working with another mastering house.

His time and personal attention has been essential in the quality of our releases".

Steve Archer  /  Ego Likeness 

Ego Likeness is on Metropolis Records

Reality Divine

"When I first started out Doug really saved my ass.  He took some questionable mixes and made them commercial quality.   Ever since then, he's been a part of my creative process.   All of my personal projects go to him and I recommend all of my clients use him as well.  Doug takes the time to listen to both the material and to me, and I couldn't be happier with the results!"

Matt Crooks  /  Fool's Game 

Fool's Game is on Cruz Del Sur Music

"Doug has always brought professionalism and perfectionism to my work.  I was amazed at his ideas and creative insights.  

He understands that my music means a lot to me, and his incredible ear has always brought out the ​best ​​in moron".

Bob Brown  /  moron

Baltimore, MD  USA 


All Quiet on the Best Western Front
Ten Years

"We had an EP (our fourth CD release) mastered elsewhere and weren't happy with the results, so we called up Doug and asked for a rush job.

He came through with flying colors and in no time at all produced the best sounding master in our discography."

Matt Johnsen  /  Pharaoh
Pharaoh is on Cruz Del Sur Music

"If you are looking for excellence in mastering, look no further. Doug has mastered two of my projects and he will do the next and the rest because he is simply the best! Great communication and personal satisfaction guaranteed!

Thanks Doug".  

Carey Ziegler  /  Carey Ziegler's Expensive Hobby

Baltimore, MD  USA 

The Adventures of Elliott Finesse
Ten Years

"9250AV is state of the art, Hi-Def and smart.  The skill level is out of this world. They take pride in their work and create an atmosphere that is conducive to the client / artist.​​​   

Doug & his staff get BIG kudos from me. Thank You!!".  

Toney Parka  

Washington D.C., USA