Audio Mastering for Your Music

​Stereo Mastering

Mastering stereo files is the most common service we provide to labels and artists.  When submitting fies for mastering, please send us the highest sample rate and bit depth for the project without up-sampling.  Please allow 3 to 6 dB of headroom and avoid using master bus compression or limiting.  These guidelines will definitely produce the best results.  

Tracks submitted via the internet should be in the WAV or AIF format. 


Stereo Mastering Rates























Stem Mastering 

Stem Mastering is a great option for challenging songs that need an extra scoop of love. Breaking the song into stereo sub-groups (or stems) allows the most flexability to process each stem to meet its particular needs.  For instance, heavy compression on the bass with light processing on the keys, or de-essing the vocals and adding stereo width to the drums.  We accept up to 8 stem groups per song.


Stem Mastering Rates 











The Album Shine

If you are on an extremely tight budget or have a live recording that is consistent throughout, consider using the Album Shine. Includes level adjustments between songs and then a straight pass with one global EQ and Compressor/Limiter setting for the entire project.


Album Shine Rates 





Included FREE with Every Project:


DDP ​  (with free 9250AV DDP Player)

FIle for CD replication including

Song Order, Spacing, and Metadata.


​16 bit / 44.1 kHz WAVs of every song 


Add your codes to Album or

for each of your songs.


One Free Revisions per song


Mix Review and Consulting

​1 - 3 Songs

$55 Each

4 - 7 Songs

$50 Each

8 - 12 Songs

$45 Each

13 - 17 Songs

$40 Each

18 - 22 Songs

$35 Each

At the time of mastering your album, get Instrumental, A capella or TV track versions mastered for $10 each .

Includes all of the above FREE features with Every Project:



*  After One free revision per song,

additional changes will be $25 each.

1 - 3  Songs

$95 Each

4 - 8  Songs

$85 Each

9 +  Songs

$75 Each

Up to 74 Minutes


Includes all of the above FREE features with Every Project:

Studio CT #


For every project, please fill out and email us a Cue Sheet with song titles, order, length, and please include any notes on song fades or specific issues you wish to have us address.  Thanx!

Mastering is the last creative step before your music reaches

your audience.

The goal of mastering is to make songs similar in tone and relative to each other in loudness; to focus the emotional flow of your music to the listener whether you're going for serenity or excitement.
Your songs should be EQ-ed to sound great on the majority of play-back systems, and at a level that enhances the emotional impact of your music (loudness for the sake of being loud isn't always better) creating a unified artistic statement
 competitive with a majority of other products in your chosen genre currently being embraced by consumers.  

There is no one formula for mastering. 

Each project requires something different.  Our greatest skill is sensitivity to your vision. 

Along with great ears, great gear, and a fresh perspective, it's about helping an artist maximize their impact.

Mastering can make a collection of songs become a sonically and emotionally unified artistic work.  We've done Album Mastering for Acoustic - Jazz - Punk - Funk - Hip Hop - Pop - Rock - Metal, and everything in-between.  We work closely with our clients and the project is not complete until you are 100% satisfied.

Brighten or warm up mixes.
Consistent sound from song to song.
Consistent in a variety of  environments.
Correct mix problems.

Adjust relative loudness from song to song.
Compression and Peak Limiting.
Compare to other commercially released CD's.
Correct stereo imaging problems if necessary.

Trim all songs for precise "ins" and "outs".
Arrangement edits (add / cut a chorus etc.).
Content edits (make radio friendly).
Blend sounds or effects into songs.

Place songs in correct order.
Set spacing between songs.
Maximize emotional impact.
Cross fades.
Add Multi-media for hybrid disc.

Source Formats

AIF or WAV files
¼ inch 2 track
DAT  (16 or 24 Bit)